Apple to Release Two New iPhones Soon?

Apple might have two new iPhone models in the works. BGR and 9to5 Mac have both discovered hints in the Apple TV and iPad respectively that support the idea. The iPhone 4 is known to Apple internally as the iPhone 3.1. Both the Apple TV and the iPad have internal references to an iPhone 3.2 and 3.2 along with another unidentified device. What are they?

Rumor has it that T-Mobile might be getting its own iPhone model in the states. Every iPhone from the original all the way up the iPhone 4 are compatible with T-Mobile’s GSM network but are unable to connect to its 3G network due to incompatibilities in the network frequency the iPhone supports and what T-Mobile uses. Of course, other rumors have been saying that T-Mobile will be getting an iPhone 3GS, but a new model has to come out for it to work with 3G. This might be a hint at a T-Mobile version.

The standard rumors of Verizon getting the iPhone have been circulating since 2007 but have yet to materialize. The fact that Apple has two new iPhone models listed in its devices for interoperability only helps boost the rumors that millions of CDMA (the network technology Sprint and Verizon use) iPhones will be made by early next year. But really, who knows at this point. Verizon’s CEO has already tried to deny that Apple is working on a Verizon iPhone, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs dropped the hint of such a device with his comment earlier this year about how Apple has Verizon cellular towers on its campus. Hmm.

The unidentified device might the iPad 2, or something else. We will have to wait and see what the rumor mills turn up next in their quest. An iOS wrist watch anyone? If the BlackBerry is getting one from a third-party soon, what is to stop Apple from making their own iOS version?

Let me know in the comments if you think what has been discovered deep in the heart of Apple’s products is a hint at what is to come. Personally, I think more carriers need the iPhone if it is to be able to keep competing against Android and BlackBerry in the future.

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