Apple’s New iPad Brings our Tablet wants and needs to life

It’s been rumored, its parts have been leaked and it’s been called many things, from the iPad 3 to the iPad HD. Ironically enough, it is simply called “The New Ipad”, but we have a feeling that the iPad 3 moniker will stick to the vocab of the general public.  Today the latest version of Apple’s iconic iPad has been updated to meet the needs of end users living in this amazing time. Apple held a keynote event today to launch the latest in iPad. As expected they took their sweet time leading up to the announcement, using last year’s numbers to boast some pretty impressive facts surrounding the companies shift into the “post PC” era. One quick quip includes some staggering numbers. The company sold 172 million post-PC devices which accounted for 76% of Apple revenue. After throwing a new HD 1080p iCloud connected version of the companies ‘hobby’ device the Apple TV out there the conference moved on to what we all have been waiting for.

The New iPad as it’s called has turned out to be exactly what we all wanted and expected it to be. The company started where everyone wanted them to…by giving the iPad a Retina display. Apple has taken it upon them to bump the resolution on the iPad to a whopping 2048×1536 pixel resolution. In case you’re wondering, that is the highest resolution ever put into a mobile device and it will indeed be epic. None of this will matter to you until you gaze your squandering eyes upon this resolution, of course 15 inches away.

 With a powerful screen like that Apple would have to have bumped the processing right? Of course they did. The new A5X processing chip is a dual core based chip set that sports quad core graphics. Apple says it is “twice as fast” and offers “four times the performance”. Looking forward to quad core graphics on a super HD screen? Well it just happened.

The camera on the new iPad also went through some new improvements and now houses a shooter that is essentially the same as what can be found on the iPhone 4S. It will now use a 5 mega pixel camera that uses a 5 piece lens, an IR filter and ISP built directly into the A5X chipset. You can now expect amazing pictures from the iPad, with auto-exposure, and auto-focus. Of course this same 5 mega pixel shooter can record video in ful 1080p HD.

Possibly the biggest let down, is Siri not making it into the iPad fole, however a piece of her abilities has. Apple has introduced what is being called Voice Dictation and what we call the small steps to get Siri on the iPad, soon Siri, soon. Of course this is as simple as it sounds. A small microphone icon has been added to the keyboard, touch it and speak your text! This new feature will support US English, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese out of the box, and surely more to come in the near future.

The next update and second only to that amazing new display, brings 4G LTE connectivity into the iPad fold. While the new iPad will have this option there will be separate devices for At&t and Verizon and as Engadget put it, “That’s a damn shame”. 4G LTE partners for the new iPad include, Verizon, Rogers, Bell, Telus and AT&T. While your new iPad will be 4G compatible you can rest assured all version will be world enabled 3G ready, so “Whichever one you pick you can roam anywhere around the world.” The cherries on top, the iPad can now function as a personal hotspot pending carrier approval! Also the A5X chipset will still allow that legendary 10 hour battery life and claims an hour drop to 9 with the 4G LTE version.
Amazingly the pricing on this new iPad is to stay the same. Starting at 16GB for $499 and working its way up to $699. The 4G LTE version will start at $629 for 16GB and cap out at $829 for 32GB. Of course the new iPad will also come in two flavors, either black or white. It’s available now for pre-order and will be ready for the masses come March 16th. The ipad 2 will also take a price drop by one hundred bucks.
So is the New iPad for you? Does it sound like a deal? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new iPad 3, err iPad HD…the New iPad. And remember we have a huge selection of the very best iPad 3 accessories.


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