Music, Not Apps Why Apple Has Edge Over Competitors

Market research company NPD says that they have uncovered some interesting information about why people purchase iPhones. No, it’s not just about the apps. In fact, it really is not that much about the apps. It is because of the music.

56% of iPhone and iPod touch users have only bought music from Apple’s iTunes store. This might not seem like a huge number, but when you factor in that the people most likely buying apps are also buying music too, it jumps out. As Google’s Android OS closes the gap in the number of available apps, Apple still is nearly invincible in the music market. Apple’s massive success with its iPod line easily translated into iPhone sales. After all, an iPhone started out without a lot of features people wanted in a smartphone, but it made up for that with its iPod functionality.

Sure, you can play music on Android, buy music on Android and ultimately do everything that the iPhone can do, but it’s not iTunes. Love or hate iTunes, you have to admit that Apple has an extremely good product and is now pushing delivery systems for using iTunes into everyone’s hands in the form of its iOS lineup. Add in the fact that rumor has it that Apple is going to start doing streaming music, streaming video, and releasing an iOS based Apple TV device, and it could end up dominating everything media. Oh, and who can forget about books? Apple is already in a position to own that market as well.

You may have noticed that I left BlackBerrys out of the above. Sorry, but BlackBerrys already lost the music, video and eBook battle before it even started.

When you consider how Apple is slowly but steadily moving towards digital dominance (it already is worth more on the stock exchange than Microsoft), you have to realize how brilliant the company is. Love or hate Steve Jobs, he knows how to make money. With the emergence of FaceTime and its rumored coming to the iPod touch, desktop computers and iPad, Apple also is starting to look a little like the AT&T that dominated telephone services last century. Like with the old AT&T, Apple makes the devices you talk on and runs the service. Kind of scary huh?

Love it or hate what I wrote, let me know what you think.

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