Apple’s Annual iPod event scheduled for mid-September

Apple is most likely going to have its annual iPod event sometime around the middle of September instead of rumored mid-August. As Apple’s iPod lineup is expected to get a pretty impressive makeover, you can be sure that I will be following this. Can you say Retina Display and FaceTime on the next iPod touch? Even the struggling Apple TV is expected to re-launch with iOS. Sweet.

With only about a month left now before we see official confirmation on the new iPod touch specs, are you going to wait it out? Is an iPhone 4 necessary if the next iPod touch does all the same minus calling? FaceTime on the iPod touch (and presumably the next iPad) will be a huge boost for Apple. All of those other video calling setups could start feeling the wrath of Apple’s marketing machine in full force.

With Skype planning on offering an IPO (it’s  to become a publically traded company) soon, I have to wonder how the company will fare domestically when everyone and their mother start snapping up iPhones, iPads, iPods touches and Macintoshes to talk to each other through video. You really didn’t think that Apple was going to keep this just to its mobile devices did you? Apple just seems to have too many aces in its sleeve for anyone else to catch-up at the moment.

Before I forget, let’s talk about the new Apple TV. Rumor has it that it will share most of the same internals as the iPhone 4. I expect Apple to offer some type of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled communication between all of the iOS devices and the…wait for it… iTV. Just think how handy it will be to be able to sit on the couch and browse your iTunes library, then with a quick tap, change what you are watching or listening to on your home entertainment system. Streaming iTunes is also expected to make an appearance sometime this year, so keep your fingers crossed.

There you have it; Apple doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Planning on getting any of these devices? Apple keeps making some pretty amazing hardware with the software to support it. Let me know your opinion.

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