Apple’s Next Flagship the iPhone 5S


The iPhone 5S becomes a reality. But is it the next ‘big thing’? Only time will answer that question, however given Apple’s track record we here at WirelessGround are betting on the new iPhone 5S to be just as popular as previous models. Tuesday morning the tech world was buzzing as Apple’s announcement for this year was highly anticipated and heavily speculated. The prospect of a colored, more ‘affordable’ iPhone 5C alongside an alternative high end iPhone 5S flagship with all sorts of bells and whistles has had anyone paying attention in a fevered frenzy! Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but Apple has a tendency to set a bar and this event was expected to do just that. The iPhone 5S is here!

The Apple iPhone has been a staple of the mobile industry since its inception back in 2007. The device has gone through only a handful of design changes and continues to be the most popular smart phone on the planet. So how can you improve upon such awesome? The new 5S for the most part keeps its predecessor’s build. Outside of a few new hardware upgrades like a fingerprint scanner, a new LED flash and a new camera sensor, the hardware build on the new 5S is identical to the original 5. The iPhone 5S is however now offered up in a third color option, gold! The screen is built into the 5S’s 7.6mm thin body and uses a 4 inch IPS LCD touch screen to give its users access to the brand new iOS 7. The screen offers up a 640×1136 pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch. Internally the iPhone 5S gets a rather large upgrade. The devices battery is seeing an unspecified improvement and it will need it as the A7 processor found in the device comes with 64 Bit architecture, the first found in a smart phone. Around back of the new iPhone 5S is an 8 mega pixel camera with an updated aperture size at f/2.2. The camera however sports a dual LED that offers different flash types depending on the type of light needed in your scene. The camera’s abilities and new features however are an article onto itself. An additional camera can be found up front rocking a 1.2 mega pixel sensor. You can also expect all the standard connectivity and that super nice price tag that comes along with Apple’s flagship smart phone! Officially announced earlier this week the 5S is slated for launch September 20th. The 16GB model starts at $199 under a new contract while the 32GB version will run you $299 and the 64 GB $399!

Anyone interested in the Apple iPhone 5S? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of Apple latest and greatest in iPhone. Anyone getting one? Let us know below but before you run be sure to check out all the best in Apple iPhone 5S accessories today.

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