Apple Announces the iPhone 5C


Apple has finally announced its long awaited colored iPhone 5C! Rumors and speculation of a cheaper, more affordable, colored iPhone have been lurking around the companies launch dates for quite some time now. For a while now every time a new rumor would spark up about the fate of iPhone, the words polycarbonate plastic and color options would somehow get interjected into the conversation. As yesterdays date loomed closer, more and more details of Apple’s iPhone plans leaked to the surface of the interwebs by way of China’s manufacturing facilities. Yesterday, Apple confirmed the rumor, speculation and leaks by announcing iPhone 5C, an iPhone 5 wrapped in plastic and candy coated for the masses.

The iPhone 5C, due to the seemingly endless amount of leaks didn’t really surprise anyone that has been paying attention. In short, the 5C is an awesome new remodeling of the iphone 5 but does come with a few changes and some a bit more noticeable than others. The obvious differences can be found in the build of the 5C as the device is constructed of a polycarbonate plastic and offers a selection of bright colors that include, white, green, blue, yellow and red. The only other difference can be found in the 5C’s exact size as the 5C measures in at 8.97 mm thin while the original 5 was at 7.6 mm. The 5C will run with the latest in iOS 7 and give its end users access via a 4 inch IPS LCD 640×1136 touch screen that offers up 326 pixels per inch. Internally the device is set to come running with an Apple A6 processor that will get a bit of backing from an internal GPU and 16 GB of internal memory. Around back of the 5C we’ll find a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, full HD video recording and a front facing 1.2 mega pixel camera for all those important selfies. Additional connectivity found within the 5C include, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, Hotspot and Lightning USB. While the buck stops there’s on spec’s, it continues to grow in actual bucks when the price point is revealed. The iPhone 5C is expected to launch around the 20th of this month depending on your carrier of choice. Under the terms of a new contract, your carrier will subsidize the price for you and the 5C will only run you about $99 bucks! Off contract, the new ‘affordable’ iPhone 5C will cost about $550.

Anyone planning on picking up a new Apple iPhone 5C? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember that all the best in Apple iPhone 5C accessories are here.

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