Apple’s iPhone 4S brings new light to an old design


 Today Apple has announced their highly anticipated iPhone 4S, unfortunately no iPhone 5 was announced. The speculation and rumors have been lingering around for quite some time and it seems that anyone interested in the newly remolded iPhone 5 will have to wait a bit longer. The announcement came out of Apple’s headquarters today in Cupertino California and I think, I’m not the only one that is a bit disappointed. The announcement started off like a recap of WWDC which introduced iOS 5 onto the world.

After all the amazing statistics surrounding Apple, their shares in any given market, how much they paid out to developers you know the standards when it comes to big up’in themselves. The event then moved on to a boasting of the amazing-ness of the iPod line, mainly the Shuffle, Nano touch and Touch. The company made some arrangement updates to the Nano touch in regard to how its application icons are navigated. They also took a liking to the watch band accessories found around the interwebs for the Nano and added 16 new clock faces, including the timeless Micky Mouse clock face. The iPod Touch did not go through any major changes, however it will indeed get the iOS 5 upgrade with iCloud and iTunes Match in tow.

iOS 5 seemed to be the major player at this event and a recap of its excellence was pushed ahead of the iPhone 4S announcement. So just in cases you were unaware iOS 5 is amazing it comes with location aware reminders, iMessage, Twitter integration with most all native applications and an upgraded Newstand with many large publishers behind the application. But that not all of course, the native Camera app has been updated as well, you can now access the camera from the lock screen, add grid lines to its viewer, pinch to zoom, auto focus to lock and auto exposure features and the volume up button can now be a shutter button. Updates to the GameCenter now allow users to add friend’s photos, gain achievement points and accept recommendations on games from friends. Yay for the GameCenter! Safari has also gotten some upgrades with the ability to strip out all the “junk” from any given web page to make the site more readable, it also comes with reading lists and tabbed browsing. Apple then went on to remind all your iPhone users that over the air or wireless updates are coming, a happy day for iOS user I’m sure. iOS 5 will be made available for general consumption on October 12th.

Apples iCloud was also covered a bit and reiterated what most of us already knew. The only news here was the date. iCloud will be made available on October 12th alongside the launch of iOS 5. Apple’s iCloud will allow users to save things like documents, applications, books and music to Apples cloud. The service will allow you to “download and re-download your music or media anytime and on any device”. The service is free and will be fully intergraded with native apps. All of the media you save to the iCloud can also be accessed and is updated across all of your iOS 5 devices.

Apple then took to the iTunes Match service and recapped what has already been known. For 24.99 a year iTunes Match will scan and match your music library to their some 15 million selections. Songs they do not have in their selection will be uploaded. As the music is “intelligently stores on the device” the streaming content will be made immediately available and users will not see delays of hiccups from bad data connections. All songs will also be upgraded to AAC DRM-Free files, iTunes Match will be made available at the end of the year.

After the massive recap Apple finally shifted their attention to a new phone. Starting the introduction to the iPhone 4S the quote from Phil Shiller was “Despite competitors trying really hard to copy the iPhone 4, they haven’t really been able to come close.” I for one would agree, and those competitors now have a new benchmark to reach. So the question is “how do you follow up a hit product like this?” well, according to Apple, with specs. The design on the iPhone 4S has not changed from the iPhone 4 however its antenna design is said to have undergone some technical amazements to ensure better call quality across the board. “We’ve done something technically amazing. It can now intelligently switch between the antennas for even better call quality.” The new antenna is also said to boost data speeds as well, allow down load speeds up to 14.4 Mbps. Shiller said. Delving further into the handset one rumor that has been floating around has been confirmed. The iPhone 4S will indeed carry the faster, stronger A5 processor. The A5 is an Apple designed dual core processor that will get its users 2x faster CPU speeds and 7X faster graphics speeds. After the announcement of the A5 upgrade the company pulled Mike Capps from Epic on stage to show off Infinity Blade 2 and I can’t remember seeing graphics like that on a phone can you? Moving forward the power of the A5 is said to give users up to 8 hours of talk time, 14 hours of 2G connectivity, 6 hours of 3G web browsing and up to 9 hours of Wi-Fi browsing…amazing time frames there.

The camera on the iPhone 4S has also seen the heavily rumored upgrade and has been bumped to an 8 mega pixel sensor that sports 60% more pixels than the previous lens. But we all know mega pixels aren’t everything. So Apple has upgraded the backside to illuminated CMOS which will pull in 73% more light. Not only that the camera is faster as well with speeds of 1.1 second for the first picture, and a half-second for the second, one third faster to be exact. It comes with a Hybrid IR filter, it is 30% sharper, its lens is now f/2.4, it carries a new image signal processor, it has an improved white balance by 26% and face detection. But that’s not all. The new camera can record video in 1080p and also comes equipped with video image stabilization and temporary noise reduction.

Last but surely not least is Apple’s upgraded attempt at voice commands with Siri. If you ask Siri “Who are you” it will simply let you know, “I’am a humble personal assistant”. Apple has taken this voice command thing to the next level and it is impressive. Ask Siri things like “Do I need a raincoat today?” and Siri responds by saying “It sure looks like rain today”. Ask Siri what time it is in Paris and it will tell you as well as pull up a live clock for the area. What more impressive however is Siri’s ability to handle more natural and everyday tasks. A text comes in from Phil that says “When can we have lunch”, Scott then asks Siri if he is free on Friday, Siri confirms, replies to Phil and schedules the event in the phones calendar. Remember all of this was done without touching the handset, via a Bluetooth headset. Check out Siri in action right here -


The iPhone 4S will come packed with both CDMA and GSM radios making it the first true Apple World phone. The new phone will be avalible at the same price point the original 4 was set at. 16GB at $199, 32GB at $299 and 64GB at $399, of course these prices are with a new contract. The original iPhone 4 will be pushed back to an 8GB model and run new customers a mere $99 bucks, while the 3G’s becomes free on contract. Pre orders on the new phone start on Friday and it will be officially available on October 14th.

The iPhone 4S is now “the most amazing iPhone yet”

Tell us what you think. Are you disappointed to hear there is no iPhone 5? I know I am, the rumors of the iPhone 5 will continue into the future…hopefully it will launch soon. You can find all the very best Apple iPhone 4S accessories, here.

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