Apple iPhone 4S Accessories

So the iPhone 4S has been announced and launched. Handsets are starting to trickle out to end users and the sense of awe is reinstated. The iPhone 4S pre-orders have sold out across the country and manufacturers are already playing catch up to keep up with the demand. If you are lucky enough to have an iPhone 4S on the way, you may be concerned with keeping it safe and ready when you are. If you are interested in keeping your new iPhone 4S in tip top shape we here at WirelessGround have you covered. With our huge and ever growing selection of tested and compatible iPhone 4S accessories you can keep Siri happy and ensure your new investment is safe, sound and ready to go.

The new iPhone 4S runs with an A5 dual core processor that ultimately gives you amazing power but more importantly allows for optimized power. The A5 can process multitasking more efficiently which allows for extra long battery times. Even with this optimized processor and the iPhone’s legendary battery, you’ll still find yourself running low on power. We have the all the best iPhone 4S chargers you’ll need to get the juice your iPhone needs when the time comes. From original OEM Apple iPhone 4S USB chargers to aftermarket retractable iPhone 4S car chargers and even iPhone 4S solar chargers, we have all the iPhone 4S charging accessories you need. While the data cable may never be needed again for syncing purposes, you may need an iPhone 4S data cable for charging and the good news? We have OEM Apple iPhone 4S charging cables as well as extra long iPhone 4S cables from trusted companies like Griffin. All your charging and utility needs can easily be found within our huge inventory.

So now you have the ability to streamline your iPhone 4S charging. What’s next? Well protection, of course. Keeping your investment protected is crucial, but it also allows you to express your style a bit. However not all iPhone 4 cases are created equal and the iPhone 4S has a unique set of standards. All of our iPhone 4S cases have been confirmed to work with the new models specifications. We carry many case options for your iPhone 4S. We carry iPhone 4S battery extender cases that can be charged and charge your iPhone 4S when you’re in that low power time of need. How about original OEM Apple iPhone 4S bumpers? No problem, we have you covered. We also have iPhone 4S holster case combinations from companies like PureGear and Seidio and many others. These combinations allow you to case your iPhone 4S and holster it on your side without having to remove the case. We also carry an array of high quality professional grade Monaco leather iPhone 4S cases and heavy drop protection with iPhone 4S Otterbox cases. With our huge selection of cases you won’t have to search far for the ultimate in protection.

Here at WirelessGround we continue to pull in only the best in high quality iPhone 4S accessories. We ensure all of our products are directly compatible with your iPhone 4S and are the best at keeping your investment protected, charged and ready when you are. So check out our iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S accessories today.

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