What to Do When Apple Stops its iPhone 4 Case Giveaway September 30

Apple’s iPhone 4 bumper case giveaway is still ending at the end of September, and Apple is not extending it. Apple is also still not admitting to the whole ‘Antennagate’ fiasco either (no surprise there). What does that leave anyone looking to buy an iPhone 4 after September 30th to do? Not much it seems.

Apple does not have any plan to fix the underlying signal attenuation problems plaguing the iPhone 4. At least it has not announced anything. And yes, the signal problem is real. A friend of mine complains about more than a dozen dropped calls a day even in the middle of University City in Philadelphia. You would think AT&T would want to keep one of its larger metro area customers happy. This is AT&T folks so think again. Yes, my friend admits that the case helps, but the trendy folks iPhone users are, he took off the case for aesthetic reasons after a week and is suffering in silence. The iPhone 4 is still quite usable without a case, but be prepared for some occasional frustration depending on how close you are to your cell tower, how many other AT&T users live within range of the same tower as you, and how thick your walls are.

This leaves the iPhone 3G and 3GS owners who have not upgraded yet in an uncomfortable position. It also leaves those wanting to get in on the whole iPhone experience in an equally uncomfortable position. If Apple does not have a fix, then Antennagate is still a real problem.

I doubt that Apple will decide at the last minute to change its mind and extend the case giveaway. If Apple does not do something, then a lot of new iPhone 4 owners are going to either end up returning their iPhones (if they can) or buying their own cases. Don’t get me wrong—the iPhone 4 is an amazing smartphone—but it does have its share of problems like any other smartphone.

Are you going to buy an iPhone 4 after September 30? Worried about potential Antennagate problems? Sound off in the comments. I really hope Apple does the right thing and makes sure that every iPhone 4 owner in the future gets to enjoy this smartphone like Apple envisioned.

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