Apple Pulls iPhone 4 Bumpers From Store, Giveaway Might Cost $175M

Apple has pulled its iPhone 4 bumper cases from its store in anticipation that it will not be able to keep up with demand since CEO Steve Jobs announced last Friday that everyone who purchased the new smartphone would be eligible for a free case as a fix for ‘Antennagate.’ At the same time, Apple’s CFO—Peter Oppenheimer—is setting aside $175 million to pay for the cases. Despite the big hit to the balance sheet, he made it clear that “our [Apple’s] most important objective is to take care of every customer.”

It is nice to see Apple trying to make amends here. The reason that it pulled its bumpers from the store was to stockpile them to make sure that everyone who wanted one would be able to get one. At the same time however, Jobs did admit that, “We can’t make enough bumpers. So what we’re going to do, is source some other cases and give users a choice of cases. And they’ll be able to pick one.” That alone might be even better news than expected for those who purchased the iPhone 4 but are not thrilled about the case that Apple sells.

If you purchased an iPhone 4, be sure to hurry up and get your free case, since the offer expires on September 30th. However, as I reported earlier, Apple might have some type of permanent fix in the works. This would explain why there is a deadline on the free case deal.

Happy that Apple is going to have to pay up for its blunders?

Think that the free case deal goes far enough to keep customers happy?

Going to opt for the Apple case or a third-party one?

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