Just a Few of the best Apple iPad Mini Accessories

Love at first sight, is a good way to explain the iPad Mini. This new slate from Apple provides all the best in tablets in a smaller, compact fashion that is easy to take with you anywhere. While its larger counterpart is the original, the new iPad Mini brings a whole new level of functionality to your tablet ablates while on the move. While the new iPad Mini is perfect enough to fit in your back pocket and come with you anywhere, it is not indestructible, nor can it charge itself. While these may seem like two unavoidable features, we have a huge selection of iPad Mini accessories that can fix those minor flaws.

Keeping your new iPad Mini’s screen safe has never been easier. The screen on the iPad Mini measures in at 7.9 inches and offers up a perfect 1024×768 pixel resolution, while it is heavily protected under Cornings Gorilla Glass, It is unfortunately not shatter proof. With one of these perfect Apple iPad Mini screen protectors you can rest assured your adding as much protection to your screen as possible. This screen protector is made from a super clear and highly durable piece of PET aka, Polyethylene. This sturdy material is wear-resistant, and sports anti-friction and scratch preventing properties. All in all, a perfect screen protector for the most expensive portion of your new iPad Mini.

Next up is protection. While we here are WirelessGround.Com carry an extensive selection of iPad Mini Cases, lets take a look at one of the latest and greatest. This brand new iPad Mini Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard case brings the best of both functionality and protection to your new iPad Mini. Crafted from a lightweight piece of anodized aluminum this shell style case also happens to house a full QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard for full keystroke typing on your iPad. Its snap on design will also ensure protection when encasing your iPad. It uses Bluetooth version 3.0 and offers an uninterrupted work time of an astounding 55 hours. With this perfect case option, you not only have easy protection but you can also add a bit of functionality to your iPad Mini.

Last, but surely not least is power! We carry a wide assortment of all the best iPad Mini chargers known to man! The Apple iPad Mini comes with a 4490 mAh battery that will get you through even the busiest of days. But charging when needed is detrimental to the health of not only your iPad Mini’s battery, but also to its availability. With our selection charging has never been easier. Check out this Apple iPad Mini 4 Port 2.1 Amp Wall charger for example. This perfect wall charger will not only charge your iPad Mini, but it can also simultaneously charge your other USB based devices, such as your digital camera, you’re smart phone and any other tablet or handheld device you may use. Add in a new iPad Mini 10 Foot Lightning cable and you can easily charge your Mini or iPhone 5 at a comfortable distance away from your wall socket. With your iPad Mini fully charged and outlets for all your other gadgets, makes this iPad Mini charger one of the best.

With the best and a consistently growing selection of Apple iPad Mini accessories you can easily keep your new tablet, charged, safe and ready at the helm. Check out all of our Apple iPad Mini accessories today and be sure to let us know if you’re looking for something specific.

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