And the Apple iPad 3 Rumor mill Churns

The iPad 3 rumors are getting thicker as d-day inevitably gets closer. The rumors that surround Apple’s mobile products are usually quite thick and this time around is no different. Recently All Things D was given an anonymous tip that the third gen iPad would be launched the first week of March. Since then additional rumors from iMore give it an exact March 7th launch date. With that, a rehash of all the expected and wanted rumors has begun to fly. Will we see a retina display, LTE 4G connectivity a Quad core processor? Only time will tell but wishful thinking is always a good thing right? Apple has put themselves in a very impressive position, rumors surrounding their yet to be released devices generate an incomparable buzz. So what’s in the recipe for the iPad 3? First a few grains of salt….and a few more just in case.

While the iPad 2’s screen is surly top notch and nothing to scoff at, the retina dreams of anyone interested is the hot ticket this year. Since the dawn of the iPhone 4’s retina display the anticipation for its presence on Apple’s beloved tablet has been overwhelming. If used on the iPad 3, this amazing new screen will deliver a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. While is seems like a logical move on Apple’s part, cost and manufacturing have always been the assumed hindrance. With many rumors from the supply chain and considering the many HD tablet options available from the Android sector; we think the chances of an iPad 3 with a retina display are pretty good. Here’s to hoping right?

According to Bloomberg and BGR the iPad 3 will run with a new super duper A6 processor. While the A6 is obviously the next gen A processor from the company, the question of cores is unanswered and highly speculated. Many sources claim the A6 chip set will use quad core’s, but Apple’s resistance to using ‘next gen’ hardware to keep up with the Jones’s is very well documented. Whether Apple moves forward with a quad core processor on the iPad 3 is still very much in the air, however it seems very likely and would be a good stepping stone for implementing the A6 into the forthcoming iPhone 5.

The iPad 3 is also said to continue the once ‘useless’ camera tradition with some improvements. BGR puts the camera somewhere between 3.2 to 5 megapixels, while the standard rumor on the front facing shooter states to an HD unit for the seemingly inevitable Facetime HD.

Rumors from debugging screenshots leaked by BGR have all but confirmed the presence of 4G LTE compatibility. The question of if Apple thinks the LTE network is mature enough could put a 4G iPad off another generation. However a larger battery is also said to be finding its way into the iPad 3 to compensate for its new abilities to connect to 4G LTE and use a retina display.

Siri is also expected to make her presence felt on the iPad 3, and while speculation and rumor surround this as a possibility, to me it’s a no brainer. The iPad 3 will surely see the likes of Siri.

Do you like the feel and design of the iPad 2? Good, because the iPad 3 is said to have not changed by all that much. The overall design of the iPad 3 is rumored to have been made approximately 1 millimeter thicker than its predecessor, which for me is kind of hard to believe. However, a one millimeter difference is surely not noticeable, but thicker or bigger just doesn’t sound like Apple.

Models are said to stay the same. You will be able to pick up a Wi-Fi only version or a Wi-Fi and cellular version. BGR points out that Apple could pack in all variations into one model. A 4G LTE , 3G, CDMA and GSM compatible Wi-Fi iPad 3. This sounds like a very reasonable assumption and neat and nice enough for the likes of Apple.

An iPad mini? Since Apple announced their beloved iPad tablet, the industry has gone on many wild duck hunts in search of a smaller Apple made tablet. The Wall Street Journal has just gone on record with some sourced details surrounding the 8 inch iPad. The insider information states that Apple has an 8 inch prototype and is currently testing the model. While this all sounds great, the chances of this happening are slim to none and a smaller form factor has been rumored to be in testing for years. So possibly one day, just not anytime soon.

A recent leak from show off what is said to be official internal and external components of the iPad 3’s bezel and body, camera mount, build and 30 pin connector. Remember, this is all served with salt!

So, anyone interested in an iPad with a Retina display, an A6 quad core processor, a larger battery, 4G LTE connectivity, Siri, an HD Facetime camera all in the body of an iPad 2? I know I sure am, and can’t wait to see what Apple announces. If all which has been said becomes a reality, the iPad may up the ante again! So what do you think? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the speculated iPad 3. Oh yea, don’t forget about our huge selection of Apple accessories.


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