The Apple iPad 2 rumor mill

One of the most anticipated Apple releases just keeps warming up and the rumors of what’s to come are indeed something to hold your breath for. Just recently iPad 2 accessories were popping up on the net thanks to the shady folks at Alibaba. The new iPad 2 cases suggested a serious tweak at the bottom of the new iPad. Some presume it will be a larger wide range speaker while others have assumed it would be an SD card slot (which I highly doubt) while the verdict it still out on what exactly this “space” at the bottom of the new iPad will house it seems that there is some new information surfacing recently about the already legendary (and magical of course) iPad 2.

Rumors of the new iPad 2 began to fly…well a about a day after the iPad made its way to the public. However, now that the most rumored Verizon iPhone is a reality well we all need another magical Apple product to yap about. In the past few days some speculation on the launch date, screen resolution, home button and a vibrateing motor have come to light.  GlobalDirectParts who showcased the Verizon iPhone days before its official announcement are currently taunting the tech world with some new components that have been added to their website. The “OEM Apple iPad 2 LCD screen” which is a bit more expensive than its predecessors screen gets priced in at 218.19 as the original version was priced at 144.99. The other item from the new iPad 2 that this site has posted is a “OEM Apple iPad Vibrating motor” and comes in at a whopping 9.99. This vibrating motor was not found on the original iPad according to BGR and will most likely find its home in the iPad 2 in reference to the new tablets ability to Facetime.

So but why the large price upgrade in the LCD? Well that’s where this all gets great. If you’re an iPhone and iPad user take a gander at the two LCD’s in front of you. While the iPad is amazing and all (almost magical) the iPhones screen is truly remarkable (ok and a bit magical). New rumors have brought to light that the iPad 2’s 218.19 dollar screen could have 2048×1536 resolutions on one of those magical retina displays.  The new rumor has been perpetuated by the folks over at MacRumors. The site has found images in some iOS apps that appear to be doubled in pixel size. So this will almost make us assume an upgrade to the devices GPU as BGR points out. Also other rumors floating around the new iPad and presumably the iPhone 5 is the absence of the home button. You know the only button on your iPhone or iPad. Rumors have been circulating since the new iOS 4.3 has brought to light with 3, 4 and 5 finger swipes for multitasking as well as “getting” to the home screen. Also Steve Jobs has been quoted saying that he did not want buttons on the iPhone since its launch.

So there you have it folks, the new iPad 2 rumors in a nutshell. If you have been eyeing an iPad, do yourself a favor and wait a few months as the iPad 2 should surely be amazing.

Also on another no so magical Apple related note, Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple has taken a leave of absence in regard to his health.

Steve, Get well soon. What you and your people do over at Apple is surely amazing and yes magical. Thank you for all of the great products, but more importantly pushing human kind further by dreaming up your magical products.

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