The Apple iOS Device Rumors Go Crazy

Apple has always had the pleasure of being a company that has such a loyal user base that is has been able to spawn truly outrageous rumors. The best part of crazy rumors about Apple though, is that sometimes they turn out to be true. That is both excellent for me (since I need to have something to write about) and for you—the user who gets to know if you should plunk down the cash for a current product  or wait a little longer and get something much better. Buyer’s remorse is a horrible thing that is only compounded when you realize that if you had only been a little more patient, you could have gotten some new features. Money does not grow on trees you know. Read on for the new crazy rumors and let’s hope that at least one of these turns out to be true. If they are not, blame iLounge and its “very reliable source[s].” If they are, I’ll be happy to take the undue credit.

New iPhone (the iPhone 5?)

This rumor claims that Apple is going to launch the next iPhone in January of 2011. I have heard rumors about something like this for a while now, and if this turns out to be true, it could be anything from a Verizon iPhone to a GSM/CDMA international model comparable to how BlackBerrys can be used on both styles of networks. It could also be the T-Mobile iPhone that has been whispered about. Basically, this could be anything if it is true.

Of course, I am salivating at the possibility of a GSM/CDMA iPhone 5 that supports every network in the country when unlocked and allows the user to fly and teleport. That might take the Apple engineers a little while longer since initial testing shows that touching the external antenna during teleportation causes the user to end up inside out on the other side due to a dropped signal. A software fix is expected and Steve Jobs will be offering free rubber body bags for the families of the victims. Remember though, there is nothing wrong with the antenna!

New iPods

Apparently, three new iPod models will be coming out between now and the end of September. Of course the iPod nano will be getting a refresh (I hope some type of iOS features). The iPod touch will also be getting a refresh and if any of the previous rumors are true, it could be able to FaceTime via a front facing camera. With every iPhone and iPod touch user being able to FaceTime, Apple might be able to win the video calling war before it even gets off the ground. The third iPod model to be released is expected to a “small touchscreen (1.7”) replacement for the iPod shuffle.

Ignore the iPod nano and shuffle rumors and let’s focus on this new iPod touch. The blurry line between the iPhone and iPod touch keeps getting blurrier (the only real difference it seems now is the ability to actually make phone calls). Then again, if you think about it, that is a pretty big difference.

Ingenious electrical engineers have managed to make some prototype devices that plug into the iPod touch and let it make actual calls but they are bulky, clunky, and ultimately pointless since for the same price as getting both you could have just bought an iPhone.

I really hope that the new iPod touch gets a faster processor, more RAM and pretty much everything but the calling support from the iPhone 4. I would be one of the first people in line to buy one of these. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Why the Free iPhone 4 Bumper Giveaway Ends in September

This rumor is quite interesting. It claims that the reason why the iPhone 4 case giveaway ends in September is not because ‘Antennagate’ will be fixed. Instead, Apple is making some new high-tech (read cheaper) all silicone bumper cases to give away instead of the rubber and third party ones it is spending millions on right now.

If this rumor is true, then it means that Apple would seemingly have no plans to really fix the iPhone 4 antenna. Sure, the software patch was nice, and everyone loves a free bumper case, but they really do not cut the mustard. Of course, this rumor meshes with the iPhone 5 rumor, so as with all of these, take them with a grain of salt. I am still hoping that the iPhone 4 gets all of its problems sorted out at the manufacturing plants in China and remains an alternative like the 3GS for another year or so. Its display is excellent and its video capabilities are simply outstanding.

New iPad

There have been rumors of the next iPad getting FaceTime via a front facing camera. Cisco’s Cius tablet will have one, and the BlackBerry BlackPad is expected to have one. It would be foolish for Apple to fall behind in the video calling game it helped launch. Its iPhone 4 would be able to talk to these iPads along with the new iPod touch (if that rumor is true). However, that is not what this rumor is about.

This rumor is claiming that a 7” screen version of the iPad could come out as early as January 2011. Why exactly Apple would want two different screen sizes of the iPad is an interesting question. I really have no idea, except to make the device cheaper.

Think that any of these rumors are true? Are these all just crazy talk from someone at Apple who spent too much time writing Job’s email for him? Sound off! Personally, I hope that the iPod touch gets FaceTime along with the iPad and a Verizon iPhone will be coming with LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4G) network technology. Let me know if I am the crazy one.

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