More Crazy Apple iOS Device Rumors: Verizon iPhone and More

Even more crazy rumors have been appearing regarding Apple and its future plans. Even more juicy than the rumors from last week, they surprisingly do not conflict and actually add some support to the previous. Ready for some fun? Here we go.

Verizon iPhone (iPhone 5?)

This is obviously the biggest and more wished to be true rumor floating around. Having begun way back in 2007 when AT&T got exclusivity for the iPhone, it has managed to survive and grow stronger. There actually is some evidence for it now, however. AT&T made a possible nod to losing its coveted iPhone exclusivity in its latest SEC filing by hinting at the end of an exclusivity deal but planning on bringing plenty more smartphones onboard to keep from losing customers. Furthermore, a parts manufacturer in China has supposedly gotten an order for a CDMA iPhone that will be compatible both with Verizon’s network in the United States and with China’s China Telecom.

Why would this be an iPhone 5 and not just a Verizon iPhone? A new design is allegedly in the works for this model. That iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’ thing? Forget that, Apple has just licensed the exclusive rights to use LiquidMetal—a futuristic metal/glass material—in consumer electronic products (think everything ‘i’). The company will be using the new substance to create the back of the new iPhone and integrate the antenna. At least according to the rumors. The licensing thing regarding Apple and LiquidMetal very real and was disclosed by Apple in SEC filings but its use has still not been verified. Keep your fingers crossed, realize that this LiquidMetal technology is twice as strong as titanium and read on. It gets better.

Faster Processors

That superfast A4 Apple processor in your iPad or iPhone 4 just too slow? It may not be quite the fastest mobile processor available for smartphones and similar technology, but Apple plans on staying at the top when it comes to technology. Bring in the next generation. The 1 GHz processor in the iPad which was slowed to around 800 MHz for the iPhone 4 was a Cortex-A8 (Apple named its version the A4)—the Cortex-A9 will be here soon. Whether or not Apple will decide to name this the A5 is debatable, but regardless, it offers support of up to four processor cores. Quad core iPads anyone?

While it would probably take too much battery power and cooling to make a quad core iPad or iPhone in the near future, a dual core one is a likely possibility. The Cortex-A9 is expected to show up in the next iPad refresh sometime near the end of this year and while no one is sure if it will have multiple processor cores, it will certainly boast faster speeds. There are even more rumors regarding the next iPad so keep reading.

New Apple TV and 7” iPad

Remember the Apple TV? Me neither. This product has languished in relative obscurity since Apple started focusing so much on its iOS product lineup. The next Apple TV is expected to run a version of iOS itself and will supposedly use a chip by AMD. It will also not have its own hard drive and instead use ‘cloud’ storage—fancy web 2.0 terminology for stream media from a server. Apple is also working on a streaming service for iTunes, so this would make a lot of sense. Why the company would choose to go to a different chipset instead of its A-series makes this a little fishy, but not impossible. Certainly as feasible as Apple’s supposed plans for a 7” iPad.

Yes, you read that right. More rumors are out in support of a 7” iPad model to complement its existing one. The current 9.7” model is selling insanely well (think the only thing slowing its sales down is how many Apple can make) and has propelled Apple record sales numbers. Like I said before, these new models are expected to have that new processor clocking in at over 1 GHz. The rumored 7” iPad will also have the same 1024×768 screen resolution as its larger sibling and should have that same front-facing camera that the other one is expected to get to allow FaceTime video calling over Wi-Fi. Giddy yet?

So there you have it. A whole bag of new and updated Apple iOS rumors and more evidence of Apple’s growing hegemony in consumer electronics and media. Who wouldn’t want a jailbroken iOS-powered Apple TV that can stream your entire iTunes library and surf the web in Apple style? Or who could resist a dual core iPhone 5 on Verizon’s network with rumored 4G network support? Oh how Apple teases. Hopefully these turn out to be more than just rumors. At least they have some support from industry insiders and a variety of analysts. Sound off!

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