Apple Investigating iOS 4 Upgrade Problems

Earlier this week I mentioned that you should probably not upgrade your iPhone 3G to the new iOS 4 operating system. The problem lies mostly with the iPhone 3G’s debilitating 128MB of RAM, in comparison to the new iPhone 4’s 512MB of RAM, which iOS 4 was designed for. After the ‘Antennagate’ beating that Apple has received, the company is taking a serious look at the problem and investigating these reports of horrible performance of the new operating system on the older hardware.

The problems however, are quite onerous. Besides the sluggish operating system performance, devices freezing up or just plain crashing, some devices have become bricked after upgrading, files have been lost, and Gmail push has broken for some. This is in addition to the lost music, horrible battery life and unauthorized roaming data consumption that have also been reported.

So what gives here Apple? Everyone figured that iOS 4 would run a bit slower on the older hardware, but why exactly are all of these other problems showing up? Was the software ever properly tested on the older smartphone? It sure does not look like it is 100% compatible. More like 95% and if you are unlucky enough to set off a glitch through an action that should have been replicated in testing, then you are in for a whole world of Apple iPhone hell.

For Apple’s part in all of this, it has assigned technicians to investigate the source of all of these problems. Hopefully, they will release a software patch specifically for iPhone 3Gs and 2nd generation iPod touches. Or at least they could stop trying to push the new operating system onto unsuspecting iPhone 3G owners that think that it just works. No timeline has been announced for when this team will announce a fix—if any.

While we all wait for Apple to get their act together—they sure seem to be messing up a lot lately—why not drop a comment. If you have upgraded an iPhone 3G or 2nd generation iPod touch to iOS 4, tell us how it is running and what problems you may have. If it runs well, tell us too! We need all the good news we can at the moment regarding Apple. After all, it is the customers who are truly suffering here.

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