Apple Could Release iOS 4.3 Update in December

Apple might have plans to release its iOS 4.3 update as early as December. At least that’s what the rumors are saying. The iOS 4.2 update was delayed until this past Monday and turned out to actually be version 4.2.1. If iOS 4.3 does launch in December, the rapid update could coincide with the release of Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily—the first iPad only newspaper written.

I don’t know what surprises me more—that even news baron Murdoch realizes traditional media is dead or that the digital newspaper paper will snub all the Android tablets and dedicated eBook readers in favor of the iPad. Sure, Time Magazine has stated that the iPad is the best invention of 2010, but are there enough of them out there to make The Daily profitable? If yes, then expect a lot more media companies to jump aboard Apple’s tablet.

The reason why the launch of this iPad only newspaper and the iOS 4.3 update are connected is because iOS 4.3 is expected to bring an app subscription service feature to the platform. A subscription to The Daily app (yes, it is being released as an app to be more interactive) is expected to cost 99 cents a week according to Murdoch. (Rupert Murdoch owns The News Corporation, which owns the Wall Street Journal , Fox News and other media companies in case you didn’t know.)

If Apple does launch iOS 4.3 in December to support The Daily’s beta launch around Christmas, hopefully improved AirPrint support shows up. Only specific HP printers Apple? C’mon. That’s not what you promised. The app/newspaper will be available to the public in early 2011, so you know Apple is going to do something by then. The close time frame between iOS 4.2 and 4.3 might be why Apple didn’t bother fully implementing AirPrint at first. Keep your fingers crossed.

According to the Telegraph, Apple is expected to hold a press event on December 9th to announce iOS 4.3. The update will then come out four days later. Keep in mind that this is still a rumor at this point and has not been confirmed. It would make sense though.

Interested in an iPad only newspaper that auto updates itself through iTunes? Apps with subscriptions a good idea? Will Apple’s iPad be the savior of the quickly dying newspaper industry? I know you have an opinion so let me know!

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