Apple iOS 4.2 Delayed until November 24th?


No iOS 4.2 update today. Disappointed huh? A “reliable source” has told the Telegraph that Apple is delaying the launch of the updated operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad until November 24th. This is at least the second delay for the launch of one of the most anticipated Apple iOS updates in history. Remember, iOS 4.2 brings AirPlay, AirPrint and multitasking to the iPad.

So why the delay? Developers testing the iOS 4.2 ‘GM’ build of the operating system before launch have found a Wi-Fi bug that can cause connection problems. iOS 4.2 is all about AirPlay and AirPrint, so a Wi-Fi bug would be disastrous.

Besides being the one iOS to rule all iOS devices, 4.2 also fixes the time change bug and the dialer bypass allows the unscrupulous to bypass a PIN lock on an iPhone (3G, 3GS and 4) running iOS 4.1. The flaw grants access to contacts, emails, messaging and calling. It’s a big deal. This update needs to come out—soon.

Interestingly, iTunes 10.1—which is necessary to use AirPrint and AirPlay—has not made an appearance yet either. Will Apple end up releasing a second beta version for developers to test before iOS 4.2 goes live for everyone? That would make sense, but Apple is notoriously secretive. Before you get too upset that the newest version of iOS isn’t here yet, just be thankful that the rumor floating around on the Internet that iOS 4.2 won’t come out until the Verizon iPhone 4 launches is nonsense.

So what do you think? iOS 4.2 was supposed to come out last week then early this week and now the end of the month? I understand that this is a very big update for iOS and Apple wants to make sure that it is perfect but…

iPhone 3G owners should rejoice when this finally hits since it is expected to fix the performance issues the 3G suffered through with the release of iOS 4 and even somewhat in iOS 4.1. Apple is tweaking this to make sure that your iPhone 3G isn’t obsolete.

November 24th just too far away? Is it good for Apple to delay this to fix some bugs or do you just want to get your hands on this today? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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