Apple Dropping Intel in the Future: This Means a Verizon iPhone is Really Coming?

Friendships and rivalries in the world of high tech rarely last. Apple and Intel’s future together might be in jeopardy concerning iOS. Intel bought Infineon’s wireless department last month, but it looks like Apple might ditch Infineon’s chips in favor of Qualcomm’s for powering the actual cellular part of the iPhone. This news comes from the Chinese language newspaper China Times, but it does make sense and certainly does not hurt the prospects of a Verizon iPhone in the near future.

Intel already makes the processors that power Apple’s Macintosh line of desktops and notebooks. Its acquisition of Infineon is part of its strategy to get more of a footing in the mobile category and expand what it can offer to potential smartphone and tablet manufacturers. However, there are two problems with Apple and Intel teaming up for the next iPhone model: Intel’s CEO probably pissed Steve Jobs off when he criticized the new Apple TV and Infineon does not make CDMA compatible chips. Everyone knows how angry Jobs can get (it seems only now Adobe is seeing some type of relief from his wrath) and since Verizon’s network is CDMA only, Apple needs a CDMA manufacturer like Qualcomm (who invented CDMA) if it ever hopes to make a Verizon iPhone.

I do not think any of us really care who makes the internal components of our smartphones are long as they work, so I will skip ahead the juicy part. That Verizon iPhone I mentioned in the previous paragraph. If the news out of China is really true, we might be seeing a Verizon iPhone in the near future like the rumors have been claiming. A Sprint iPhone could also be in the works.

It seems lately that as the Verizon iPhone rumors grow a little stale, a new, hybrid rumor of sorts has been gaining a little ground. What’s the next best thing besides Verizon and the iPhone? T-Mobile, Sprint and the iPhone. Okay, maybe not. But its better than only having AT&T as a carrier option. You have to agree with that, right?

Tell me if you think the move towards Qualcomm for baseband chipsets means some new carriers will be getting the iPhone in the near future. I sure hope it does.

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