Apple to Fix the Web-Based Jailbreak: Wait, This is Good News

Remember the newest iOS jailbreak that works through your iPhone’s mobile browser? Apple has announced that it is going to patch the security flaw that allows. Before you jump up in arms, rest assured that this is actually good news. Another, safer jailbreak option will be available I am sure, and this gaping security hole will be patched.

While the PDF/font exploit that the 2.0 ‘Star’ jailbreak used is certainly nifty, malicious software engineers (read hackers who want to steal your identity) could use it to gain control of your device and download your private information to their hearts’ content. It is better for every that this be fixed.

Wait, what? The jailbreak uses fonts to bypass all of Apple’s elaborate security measures to make sure that it is the only one allowed to decide what apps you are allowed to use? Yes, you read that correctly. Font exploits are actually quite old and I am surprised that Apple let this one slip by it. I have used a font exploit to hack into an original Xbox before and install Linux and whatever else I wanted. (Okay, I may be a geek, but at least my Xbox is the coolest HD video streaming, internet accessible and fully home networked television streaming device around.)

Since Apple updates iOS all at once, instead of releasing actual patches that are available over the air, this fix might actually take a little while to come out. That proximity sensor nonsense that some iPhone 4s are experience will hopefully fixed at the same time as this security patch releases. While I am not keen on Apple letting something like this stay around long (just make sure you hacker geniuses out there have another jailbreak ready when the fix comes out), it does show that Apple at least is not as much of a megalomaniac as Google, who will actually go onto your Andoid OS device without your permission to delete apps that it does not like.

Until Apple releases the fix, just be safe online and don’t open any PDF files that you do not trust. If your iOS device is already unlocked, then use your Cydia app store to download some jailbreak PDF warning software. It will warn you before letting you open a PDF file. Kind of like an anti-virus hack for your iPhone until Apple plays its hand. Let me know what you think of this situation.

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