Apple Releases Fix for Exchange Sync Problems

I talked recently about all of the problems that Apple’s new iPhone 4 and iOS 4 has been having. One of these problems was purely software based (gasp!) and it looks like Apple has already started rolling out a fix. The problem in question was synchronizing the popular smartphone to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync after upgrading an iPhone to iOS 4. Users reported that their mail, contacts and calendars were not synchronizing properly (missing whole calendars sometimes), or sometimes synchronizing at a very very slow speed. Apple’s fix is a new configuration profile that forces iOS 4 to wait longer when expecting an Exchange Server sync request.

How do you fix your newly upgraded iOS 4 device that is experiencing the problem? Here is the full support page from Apple’s website but I have compressed it down incase you do not want to bother reading through the whole thing.

-          Go to here in Safari with your iOS 4 device.

-          Click (or tap if you want to be picky) install to begin the process. You might be asked to enter your passcode, do so if you are.

-          Tap install now when the warning pops up that the profile is not signed

-          Tap done, and then restart the device.

-          Synchronize your data.

Pretty painless actually.

Expect the fix to come as part of a hopefully soon to be released update to iOS 4. However, with all of Apple’s recent device problems, this might come off to some as the least of their worries. The good news though is that if you are an Exchange Server administrator, the fix should solve the problem of all the iOS 4 users slowing your server to a crawl.

Have you been having problems synchronizing an iOS 4 device to Microsoft Exchange? Has the fix helped? Angry that Apple seems to have screwed up so much recently? Let me know.

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