Apple Finally Catching up to Demand for iPad, iPhone 4

Have you been wanting a new iPad or an iPhone 4 but don’t want to wait? Good news has come from Apple–the delays between when you place your order and when it ships are dropping. Apple has finally gotten its product supply chain to start matching the huge demand. Of course, the white iPhone 4 is still not available, but let’s not get started on that.


Right now, the biggest hindrance to iPad and iPhone 4 sales is the supply. Since iPad sales have actually surpassed iPod sales (at least for the short-term) it looks like Apple might end up the dominant tablet maker. Of course, whether or not you want to call the iPad a true tablet, a stripped down tablet PC or a souped up iPod touch is up to your personal preference.

You can’t deny though that Apple certainly has a winning product line right now and with the rumors circulating as to a Verizon iPhone, the iPad 2 and the iPod touch 4, I expect Apple to keep gaining market share in all the aforementioned categories. Of course, there really is no competitor in the iPod touch category (whatever category the iPod touch fits into) and while some of the new tablets hoping to compete with the iPad look promising, the recently released Dell Streak certainly is not sparking any lines at stores.

Once Apple moves onto more carriers (Verizon iPhone and iPad anyone?), we will see how its smartphone/tablet competitors manage to hold their own. Sure, Android OS works well and Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry certainly has a loyal following, but with recent polls suggesting that a large percent of cellular subscribers want an iPhone on Verizon, the other manufacturers are going to have their work cut out for them. I hope no one ends up going the way of Palm, and instead everyone is forced to build better smartphones/tablets and operating systems. The real winners out of all of this should be the users. Remember, competition is a good thing.

So, with the delays for the iPad and iPhone 4 shortening, will you be looking to get one? Still holding out for a white iPhone 4? As production constraints ease, are sales going to keep climbing? Sound off and let me know.

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