Is Apple responsible for the delay of RIM’s Blackberry Playbook?

No. Only RIM can take credit for that. The Blackberry Playbook has been rumored then used to tease and taunt us but after a bit of delay the Playbook is now on its way to the market place. The Playbook is slated to launch April 19th so in just a few short weeks the likes of the Blackberry Playbook will be all over interwebs and stores. April 19th is a short wait from today, however many expected the launch of the highly acclaimed Playbook to be much sooner. Of course you can’t talk Blackberry without mentioning Apple right? Especially in the tablet arena – and hell we need someone to blame it on right!

Digitimes has stirred the pot with a new report suggesting that Apple’s demand for touch panel’s backed up manufacturer Foxlink. The report states that FoxLink was so swamped with Apple’s request that it could not fulfill RIM’s Playbook needs. The report goes on to state that because of this and other delays in software testing the Playbook and its touch screens were pushed back about a month. Which if all of this is true means I should already have my Playbook! Thanks a lot Apple. While blaming this debacle on Apple is surely an easy out it should be noted that it’s not Apple’s fault per-say, however there building of iPad’s screens is surely responsible. What should be pointed out is RIM’s own delay in getting the Playbook into production, but everything happens for a reason I guess.

The Blackberry Playbook is has been analyzed by the pros with the statistics in hand and they have counted the Playbook in on some good sales out of the starting gate. I think simple logic could tell us that without all the mumbo jumbo. There is a huge sector of users that need what the Playbook offers. So what do you think? Was the delay a good or bad thing for RIM’s Blackberry Playbook? Is the Playbook dead in the water, or will it prevail as the industry statisticians claim it will?

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