Apple Moving Quickly into the Corporate World

Apple is making amazingly quick headway into businesses with its iPhones and iPads. Just how quick? According to Electronista, approximately 50% of Fortune 100 companies either use or are testing the iPad for corporate use. Another 80% of the Fortune 100 is using or adopting the iPhone. That blow your mind? 60% of the entire Fortune 500 is doing the same.

This surprising news comes on the heels of Apple’s official announcement that they have passed the 100 million mark for iOS-powered devices sold. Yes, I said one hundred million. While that number also includes iPod touches, it is an amazingly high number considering that it took Research In Motion (RIM) until this year to sell that many BlackBerrys. To put that into perspective, the first iOS device—the original iPhone—came out in 2007. The first BlackBerry came out in 1999.

While the iPhone’s adoption is not that much of a big surprise, the way iPads have been selling since they launched is amazing. RIM, Cisco and others are all working on their own answer but Apple has taken the early lead. In fact, the only thing hampering sales is how quickly the company can make them.

The big question is how will competitors manage to break Apple’s grip. Especially considering that the next revision of the iPad is rumored to support video conferencing. Personally, I have been considering getting an iPad with a dock/keyboard for general putting around on the internet and writing on the go. Apple has a massive amount of momentum and it looks like companies are not concerned about any of iOS’s security shortcomings in comparison to RIM’s BlackBerry.

If you work at a company that is using the iPad or iPhone (or at least is considering adopting some of these iOS devices as an option) leave a line and tell us how they are working out and if you like them. Or at least tell us what you think of Apple’s future in the corporate world and if it will last.

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