Adobe or Apple?

Apparently this is the main question Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has given to companies, stick with Apple and lose Flash or leave Flash for Apple and HTML5. For Apple Inc., there is no middle ground on this issue. Steve Jobs has been adamant in leaving Flash out of all Apple devices, including the iPad and iPhone. The CEO cited numerous reasons such as the reliability of the Flash program, security to even causing battery levels to drain at a much faster rate. There may be some companies who have decided to follow Apple’s lead, producing content specifically for the iPad. However, there seems to be a growing number of companies who have decided to walk the other path and ditch the Apple device altogether.

The companies who have verbally made their case to choose Flash over Apple are not exactly small. NBC Universal and Time Warner have decided not to develop content for the iPad, stating that remaking their libraries costs too much and impractical with Flash still leading the market. With other upcoming tablets offering Flash support, it has made it more difficult for companies to make the big switch to using HTML5 instead.

Even with all of the shortcomings of Flash, companies still recognize its hold and impact on the video content market. The rebellion against Apple does not end with these two companies. Hulu, a company under NBC, is also sticking with Flash. CBS is currently in the process of working with Apple Inc. but is only capable of including a few shows. The same goes with CNN and Fox who are also offering limited content on the Apple tablet. Disney’s ABC is sticking with Apple, which should not be surprising as Jobs is said to have the most shares in Disney. Until Apple can show that there is more profit to be gained by sticking with them, more and more companies may find it difficult to ditch Flash altogether.