Apple’s iOS 4 Available Today!

Apple’s new iOS 4 is scheduled for release sometime today (think sometime after 1PM EST according to PCWorld) and while the competition to grab a slice of some of that precious Apple bandwidth for the download is fierce, it will definitely be worth all of the aggravation.  Available for Apple’s iPhone 3GS and 3G models and all iPod Touch models besides the first generation, iOS 4 promises a slew of new features that give some of the jail-broken hacks a run for their money. However, only the iPhone 3GS and the third generation iPod Touch models will have the much awaited multitasking abilities (these models have a faster processor and 256MB of RAM compared to the 128MB of RAM in the older models).

Are you ready for folders? iOS 4 has a nifty new feature. On the device’s desktop, simply hold down a program’s icon until all of the icons start to noticeably wiggle back and forth (and the uninstall ‘x’ mark appears in the upper left corner of applications that can be uninstalled). Now, instead of just being able to drag the icons around to organize things, you can drag icons onto each other to create folders. The folders are re-namable and a handy addition if you are like me and have pages and pages of applications installed on your phone.

Finally, playlists. I have always wondered why the iPhone and iPod Touch never let us create our own playlists on the fly. I usually do not use Apple’s iTunes software for music playback and thus creating playlists for my iPhone and iPod Touch has always been a pain in the rear. That’s all fixed now in iOS 4. Not only can you now create your own playlists right on your device, they are synced back to iTunes.

Spellchecker, e-mail, and SMS improvements too oh my! Besides the oh-so-handy predictive texting feature that iPhone users have come to know and love (or hate, depending on who you ask), a genuine spellchecker has finally been included for the entire system. A unified e-mail inbox with threaded message support also makes it debut, as does the ability to have multiple Exchange accounts on a single device. Finally, SMS are fully searchable through the messenger program and Apple has finally decided that we should know how many characters our SMSs are.

A bunch of other features have been included in iOS 4—including the iBooks application—but don’t take my word for it. Hurry and download iOS 4 for your device and see for yourself. Happy upgrading, and as always, make sure you back everything up.

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