Apple’s Cloud Service Imminent



With the launch of Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Google’s Music Beta, we are all left wondering what tricks Apple may have up their sleeve when it comes time to introduce their cloud based service to the world. As Apple finishes up their supposed huge cloud based facility in North Carolina users across the globe wonder when and what features may be involved with this new feature. Recent deals with some pretty big record companies, an approved cloud based patent and the tenth anniversary of Apple’s retails stores show us that the iCloud is almost ready.

Recently CNet has reported that Apple is closing agreements with the likes of EMI and Warner Music Group to make the likes of their cloud official. Other deals with Sony Music Group and Universal are reported to being near finished and signed off on.  Keep in mind Google and Amazon created their cloud based locker service without syncing deals with any major record companies. Apple covering all angles is aiming to please – the record companies at least. Couple these recent dealings with the recently un-earthed and approved patent application and it seems as if the Apple Cloud is almost in the sky. The patent entitled “Local Storage of a Portion of Streamed Media Items” was filed in 2009 has been approved this week. The filing sheds some light on some potential features of the new service. Under this design you can “Sync Partial Music”. The patent application goes on to explain that “Similarly, when a user skips to a different media item for playback, the electronic device can require a long pause during which no media item is played back as the new media item is streamed to the device.” This new technology will save small segments of your music to your phone, once you fire up that song or skip to the next one, your device and the cloud will have the time to ‘buffer’ the entirety of the song, hence giving you seamless and hiccup free streaming out of the cloud. This solution would allow you to instantly stream your jams on your iOS device without any delay. Amazing idea and perfect for those dead zones or low level areas when working with 3G or 4G. However Apple Insider points out that under this system iTunes will use account user names and passwords to attempt to ‘authenticate’ you’re right to stream the music selected, which translates into assuring you paid for the music.

It will surely be interesting to see how this plays out and what other features materialize out of Apple’s cloud. The only question left – or I guess that has ever been is when. Apple’s retail locations turn 10 this weekend and most are assuming an announcement of something new; will it be the iCloud we have all been waiting for? At this point the only feature I would like to see on Apple’s cloud and accompanying new iOS update is OTA updates and application installs. Let us know what you think of Apple’s newly approved patent and if you’re interested in syncing your iTunes library for access wherever you may be.

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