App Developers: Get your hands in Microsoft’s piggy bank!

Microsoft has been in the news lately promoting, leaking and well building there new mobile operating system. It goes by the name WP7 or Windows Phone 7 if you have not been keeping up. Windows Phone 7 is sure to be a hit amongst the mass’s and Microsoft needs developers to work there new OS.

In a report posted by Business Week, Microsoft will be taking some coin out of their massive piggy bank to get app developers to work their Windows Marketplace for Mobiles. Now Microsoft will not be simply handing out free cash, per say, but rather offering free development tools , WP7 enabled  phones as well as revenue guarantees. This is a strategic plan based on the fact that their market place would be virtually empty upon the release of their new OS. The new OS is rumored to be showing face sometime in fall, and while some people are looking at this strategy as desperation, I see it as proper planning. When launching a new OS to the world you can imagine that many potential customers will want to know how many apps does it have available in comparison to say Apple or Android? The comparison in numbers would be astronomically low considering it is brand new and not many developers are on the band wagon, and would most likely not jump on for a ride until the OS proved to be successful.

So if you are a developer, take Microsoft up on their offer and help them get back on the mobile map, as WP7 is surely eagerly awaited by many

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