Palm’s App Catalog Crashes

Palm seems to be running low on luck again these days. Less than month after HP expressed publicly their intent to purchase Palm, however Palm’s App Catalog had a major glitch lasting for much of the weekend. Palm’s App Catalog  is the company’s version of Android’s Market or Apple’s App Store. The outage prevented thousands of Palm users from downloading any type of app from their  App Catalog, whether paid or free. Although the company was quick to reassure consumers that they are in the process of solving the problem, they have totally neglected to mention what caused the outage in the first place.

Written on Palm’s official blog was post on the outage stating, “If you’ve experienced any issues downloading or updating apps from the Palm App Catalog recently, rest assured that Palm is actively working to remedy the situation. If you’ve purchased an app, the transaction has been properly recorded and as soon as this issue is resolved, you’ll be able to access all apps you’ve purchased.”

App developers were not pleased and have voiced their frustrations verbally online. Underneath the post made by Palm Product Management’s Joe Hayashi, numerous posts were made by disgruntled developers that their apps were getting a long list of bad reviews due to the download failures.

Palm is said to release a patch to fix the issue. In the meantime, consumers are advised to check the Palm forums for some of the company’s official temporary fixes. During the outage, some consumers have found their own temporary fix, setting the date before May 10th.

Although the company was quick to address the situation, it may not reflect well on their attempts to get purchased by HP. Palm has not been doing well financially over the past few years, which is considered ironic as the company used to be one of the leaders in the mobile phone industry.

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