Angry Birds on BlackBerry Anyone?

Angry Birds—the wildly popular iOS app—will be coming to the BlackBerry platform in the near future. Not familiar with Angry Birds? It is one of the hottest games right now on iOS and an Android OS version will be out soon. Thanks to the developers—Rovio—BlackBerry owners will not tbe left out.

Unfamiliar with Angry Birds? You probably do not own an iOS device or have been living under a rock lately. The game has a simple but addictive premise. Some nasty pigs stole the eggs from a colony of birds and they are pissed off. (Thus ‘Angry Birds’.) You control a variety of diffent bird species to get your eggs back in one piece. Thanks to touchscreen on iOS devices, you load up your different birds into a giant slingshot and send them hurling towards the structures the pigs have set up to thwart you. Since you have a variety of bird species at your disposal, some strategy comes into play. Different birds have different attacks which weaken the pigs’ defences in different ways. Some birds split into trios to deliver carpet bombing attacks while others are more like bunker busters and smash through layers of defences.

To be honest, it took me a little while to get into the game on iOS. Hurling birds towards pigs isn’t exactly what I would call epic gameplay, but the simplicty of the game and its difficulty to master are both addictive. I just wonder how the game will work out on the BlackBerry, since very few devices have touchscreens. Using the optical trackpad in most BlackBerrys seems like it will be a bit annoying to use to hurl your angry birds. The touchscreens on the Storm series and the new Torch should work fine, but how are other BlackBerry owners going to get in on the action? Hopefully the develop figures out a solution that will keep everyone happy.

You excited for Angry Birds on your BlackBerry? Think the iOS version will still be better? Let me know in the comments. I’ve got to get back to smashing some green, nasty pigs!

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