The Angry Birds make their way to Android beta style

I have been hearing about this iPhone only Angry Birds game for quite some time and now it looks as if the makers of the game have finally considered us Android users. In recent news, information from the developers of the game Rovio put a beta release as early as today, well guess what, they committed to the beta release and it is now available in the Android marketplace. So go check it out.

The game’s premise is simple. You are an Angry Bird out to take on the evil green pigs who have stolen your eggs. Now what could piss off a bird more than stealing its eggs, but at least it gives good reason for these birds to be angry right? When the information was made public that the game would be available to Android users, I signed up to the “mailing list” in hopes of getting a fun new time waster on my phone –cause I really don’t have anything better to do- so this morning an email comes to me telling me that the Angry Birds game is now available in its beta form on the market. Well I scooted on over the market place and downloaded the app to see what it’s all about. Unfortunately for me, the games beta version is having some issues with the HTC EVO 4G and of course this is the model I use. So when installing the game, it beings to load and shows the Rovio logo, then shows the home screen “loading” page and then after a second or two it simply brings me back to my phones home screen. So no Angry Birds for me, at least for now. Rovio is supposedly aware of the EVO issue and is looking for as much feed back as possible to correct issues like these. When initially launching the game I did however, get to the menu where I simply clicked the little bug to report the issue and if you’re having issues do the same and help a developer out.

So I unfortunately have not had the chance to play Angry Birds yet, but from what I hear it’s a really fun game that will consume you for hours –if you let it- and how could it not be fun, right. Think about the prospect of launching a pissed off bird from a slingshot into a house of stick’s filled with evil green pigs, sounds fun to me. The Angry Birds game is indeed a huge success on other platforms will most likely prove to be as such on the Android OS.

Played Angry Bird? Let us know what you think of the game, oh and if you’re an Android user go DL the beta version now!

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