More than half of Android users could use an update

If you are using an Android operating smart phone, have you upgraded yet? Recently Google has been in the news stating that they will be slowing the updates made to the Android operating system. Trouble here is they have many versions circulating leaving almost half of Android users outdated. This might not mean much to the end user who is happy with their OS, but the application developers are wondering where to focus.

Google is stating that almost 50% of Android users are, figuratively speaking stuck in the past. The only positive for the developers in this situation is that it has been narrowed down to about three different versions of the operating system.  The most wide spread versions of the Android OS are version 1.5, 1.6, and 2.1, so that would be a cupcake, a donut and an éclair if I’m not mistaken. A total of 49.6 percent of Android users are operating under the donut 1.6 or cupcake 1.5 moniker and are missing out on some features as well as being basically denied on certain applications within the Android market. Android application developers are understandably frustrated with the issue and hoping that there is an update issued soon. This lack of updates, have left some tech savvy Android users to literally hack their Androids to update to 2.2.

The heart of this issue does not seem to be Google, as many would like to point the finger at. The issue is the manufacturers installing these outdated versions of the OS on some of the newest phones, take the recently launched Xperia X8 for example running version 1.6. Google does however have the ability to entice these manufactures to install the latest’s OS on their new models, and the Android market developers are sure hoping Google does just that.

Tell us what OS you’re running and do you feel like you need an update?

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