Android Tablet Makes an Appearance at the Web 2.0 Conference

The Apple iPad may already have strong competition with the Google Android Tablet. Presented at the Web 2.0 Conference held in San Francisco, the booth where this cool new device was found was playing Adobe Flash seamlessly. Viewers were visibly pleased with the presentation, which comes weeks after Apple’s CEO Steve Job’s statement regarding Flash.

It was only during these past few weeks when Steve Jobs made an official statement asserting that there would be no support for any Flash software on any iPod, iPad or iPhone. According to Apple, Flash was exceedingly unreliable in terms of security and not fit for use on any type of tablet computer. Using any Flash program would also drain the battery at a much faster rate. With the recent demonstration at the Conference, it may be safe to assume that Flash may not be as bad as Apple had previously stated. There have been no official statements coming from Apple as there were no representatives found from their company attending the Conference.

According to Shantanu Narayen, CEO for Adobe, the claims made by Steve Jobs on behalf of the Apple Group are “patently false.” The refusal to include any support for Flash on Apple products is purely based on business aspects. Apple is said to be facing antirust charges based on this matter and other issues coming from the Department of Justice or more possibly the Federal Trade Commission.

After the commotion between Apple and Flash, the makers of the Google Android announced their collaboration with Flash on their Android products. According to representative from the Adobe booth, tablets will be released for public consumption before the year is over. With the iPad already out and selling at least a million units in just a few weeks, the Google Android and Flash should release their own lines of tablets as soon as possible, with better features than what the iPad currently has.

Check out the Video of the tablet in action