Samsung Android Tablet – The Galaxy tab

There seems to be an abundance of reports on other companies releasing their own version of the iPad. Almost every day we find news on a tablet running on Android. With Apple boasting of sales in the millions within the first few months of sale, it is of little wonder that other companies are trying to play catch-up with the only player currently in the game. The next on the list is a tablet by Samsung.

Samsung just recently unveiled their newest smartphone coming to the AT&T lineup, the i897 or Captivate. This is the smartphone device that looks strikingly similar to the Galaxy S also there is still no confirmation if the two models are one in the same. The company seems to think the Galaxy S will do extremely well with the market. Even the planned tablet under Samsung appears similar to the device. Some have said that the iPad is actually an enlarged version of the iPhone.  The same can now be said of the Galaxy S smartphone.

There is no information yet available as to the features of this upcoming device. However, Samsung South Africa has apparently stated that “this particular one” will be sporting a 7 inch TFT screen. This makes it significantly smaller than the iPad. Some speculate that the device will have a Super AMOLED screen, much like the Galaxy S. It is hoped that the company will be able to produce enough supplies of this model and not repeat the issue with HTC’s Droid Incredible.

Based on images that have been floating around on the Internet the Galaxy Tab will have a camera that is front-facing, making video chatting and conferences as highly likely features. It will be running on at least an Android 2.1. There have been no reports yet on tablets running on the Android 2.2 but with any luck, the Galaxy Tab will be running on that OS instead.

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