55.5% of Android users, running 2.1

We all love pie charts, right. Well check out this recent chart from Androids own developer website. The site is one of the main sources of information and tools for developing for the Android platform. While Foryo lurks in the shadows, Éclairs have their way.

So if you are running an Android based phone you may have had your iPhone toting friends tell you about the new iOS4, thingy as a basis of their new purchase, from there you may think to yourself what’s my OS? And in most cases, an under average Android user will then experience the openness and power their operating system. Last month Google reported that 50% of their users were running on OS version 2.2, then a mere month later reported a 5.5% increase to 2.1 users, putting approximately 55.5% of Android device owners running version 2.1. The beautiful pie graph also goes on to show us that there are still Android users that have either not been offered an update to their phones, and or simply do not know such updates are available. Approximately 18.9% of Android users are still rocking the original 1.5 platform, while 22.1% run with version 1.6, 55.5% run version 2.1, and not surprisingly 3.3% of users are making the rest of us in the know a little jealous running Froyo or 2.2. If you were wondering, version 2.o of the Android OS has reportedly not made its self evident enough to make it to our delicious pie graph of deserts.

This data was collected during a two week span that ended on July 15 2010. The information is one very good pile of information if you plan on working on developing for Androids famed OS, however what is more intriguing to me is how many OS users at the bottom of the “version” rung do not know an update is available.

 When looking into my pie graph future telling machine, I foresee the numbers for 2.2 skyrocketing, or at least I can wish.

If 1.5 is a Cupcake, 1.6 is an Donut, 2.1 is an Éclair, 2.2 is Froyo, and the rumored mega Gingerbread man in 3.0 is not even in the oven yet. This pie graph is surely the most delicious I have ever come across in many ways.

But tell us what version desert you run!

What percentile do you fall into?

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