Android goes to the Opera in 5.1 style

Are you familiar with the native browser on your device? Do you like the way it looks feels searches, scrolls? Well you may be unaware there is this little browser out of Norway that can make your web browsing dreams come true. Mini Opera, one of the best third party mobile web browsers on the market has just issued an update to its Android community.

This morning brings a press release out of Oslo, Norway from Opera the company that brought one of the best browsers ever to hit a handheld device Mini Opera. Mini Opera is a third party browser that is available for free and in most cases when shown to a smart phone user for the first time it ensues open eyes and smiles. Opera is dedicated at bringing the best browsing experience possible to handheld devices, Lars Boilesen the CEO of Opera Software stated that they are continuing “its mission to provide the best web experience on any device and on any platform.” The company states that there are 61 million Mini Opera users and the browser was downloaded 1 million time is a matter of 24 hours after its iPhone release. With the new 5.1 update to Android devices Mini Opera can now be set as the default browser on your device, and will naturally boost browsing speeds. The Mini Opera update to 5.1 will also optimize the browser for the higher end Android devices that tote a larger than average screen. The 5.1 improvements also bank on improved scrolling, improved pinch to zoom functionality and all together better overall speeds.

With the launch of the new update you can expect to see a lot of happy Android users, Boilsen stated “Opera Mini 5.1 for the Android platform is the next step in bringing the world’s most popular mobile web browser to all major platforms”.

Mini Opera is available for over 3000 different devices there is a good chance your device is one of them. You can download the browser on your device at, you can find the update in the Android market place (right now) or you can simply check out Operas website for more details

I have been using Mini Opera for quite some time and swear by it, and just as soon as I get my hands on an Android you can rest assured that Mini Opera will be the first download to be installed on it.

So keep up the good work Opera the world of mobile browsing needs you!

Do you use Mini Opera?

Let us know if you have installed the update on your Android and seen some improvements

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