Android gamers rejoice OpenFeint is your savior

If you use an Android phone you may think to yourself man what are these other phone makers missing. Scrolling through your apps you may think quality over quantity any day. But if you are scrolling into your “games” folder you might feel well a little inadequate.

It is not unknown that there is a well, shortage of games available for the Android platform and the room for improvement at this point has no ceiling. Fret no more Android gamer, as Openfeint is coming to the rescue. The company OpenFeint is a group of game developers that currently work riguroustly helping Apples app dominance.  OpenFeint is said to have an upwards of 9,000 developers and specialize in social gaming. Bringing their resources and downright mobile gaming awesomeness to the Android market would be more than a life saver for some Android gamers. Moreover this should open the door for many other game developers to develop for the Android platform. The new “game discovery” store that is stated to be launching later this summer will be including some content from high end publishers that have already established their names. Some of these publishers include Glu Mobile, Digital Chocolate, Astraware and many other independent companies.

Realizing the market that is currently available to developers on the Android platform, The general manager of Glu Mobile Adam Flanders was quoted saying “Android is an evolving gaming platform that will greatly benefit from OpenFeint’s industry leading online gaming and community technologies”. OpenFeint reassured the world that they will not be turning their backs on iOS and confirmed its continuing commitment to the Apple platform

So Android gamers rejoice, you will now have a solid set of developers pumping out high quality games that are sure to run you battery into the ground.

Are you an Android gamer?

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