Android Web based Market place becomes a reality.

Android devices have been steadily taking over the mobile industry one user at a time since its inception into the cell phone market. Looking over the operating systems history you can see many user based issued being addressed and ultimately “fixed” with an update to the operating system. Point here is Google listens and adds the “things” users want and simply do away with what is not used or simply not easy to use. Apples iPhone has taken itself to infinity and beyond with its iTunes based app store. An iPhone user can log onto their desktops from home browse and ultimately download apps right from the homes. Unfortunately however iPhone users do indeed have to sync their phones for installing purposes. Not so bad right? Well take a look at Googles newly launched web based market place and you may reconsider.

Today Google had themselves a little Honeycomb presentation for the world to see. Honeycomb for those unaware is the new version of Androids operating system that has been optimized for tablets. During this presentation the beauty of what Honeycomb is was shown off to a great extent, and boy is it great. But bigger news for the majority of the Android community that is no rocking an Android based tablet is the new web based market place. You can now go to the Android market place directly at This is simply the market place you are used to seeing on your phone set up for you home browser. The idea behind this to an end user is simple. Its way easier to find new apps, share apps and even install them onto your mobile device. The installation process is very streamlined as your newly acquired application can be installed onto your Android device over the air (OTA). You find the app you like, click the install button and viola the app is almost immediately installing on your phone. If you have more than one Android under your Google account, no worries it will be sure to ask you what device you want the app installed on.  No wires or magical cables needed.  All of the content found on your mobile market place is also available within the web based version. User reviews, screen shots permissions etc. Developers of applications can now post video promoting their products. Definitely a plus to someone browsing for apps as well as video can surely tell a better story then a few screen shots.

All in all I’m sure I will be down loading more applications than ever. What about you? Does the larger screen and easier to use functionality mean anything to you when looking for apps? It surely does to me. Android users tell me what you think of the new web based version of the app market.

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