Android Market Grows to 80,000

Since the dawn of Apples app market, the app race has seemingly ensued. Looking at it all now it seems that the dawn of the app’s makes complete sense. But is the race to app supremacy really that important? Looking at Apples success within their app market, I’m sure the answer to that is yes, considering they are the dog all the pup’s are seemingly following.  Android’s market place has recently grown by around 10k, but will they ever catch the constantly growing 250k found in Apple market place?

Yesterday T-Mobile announced their new HSPA+ device the G2, the new G2 is coming to the world as a good old stock Android version 2.2 device (good look T-Mobile). The device is said to have been made in tight conjunction with Google and HTC. However, within the hype surrounding the device, Google’s own Andy Rubin, let some new numbers fly on the Android app market within the phones official press release. Rubin Google’s Vice President of engineering stated “On Android Market alone, the number of applications available to consumers has grown from just 50 applications two years ago to more than 80,000 applications today” this is an increase of about 10k apps within the last month.

Growth shows improvements, surely. However, it is hard to say if this number is inflated at all, but looking into the history of the Android market place 80k indeed sounds feasible. This is indeed a step forward for the market place, however, it is still unknown how many spam loaded and useless apps are within the market place. With the likes of sites like Appbrain, it is evident that as these numbers grow, Google should very well take a look at “filtering” some of these apps. Not that the iron clad hand of Apples review board is any better and surely Google will not follow in those steps, it just hard to tell how many of these some 80k apps are truly creating “rich mobile experiences” as Rubin so nicely puts it. How many “sexy girl” apps, and useless soundboards does one need to enrich their mobile experience.

So my question to all you Android users, is do you think Google should filter your app market? I personally am new to the Android world and would surely love some filtering.

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