Goggles App for the Android

Android smartphones have gotten some really nifty apps on their list. One of the apps that gotten much attention is the Goggles. Produced and released by Google, it is an app built for the mobile phone which is capable of recognizing images and text and churning results with related content. For instance, users can take a picture of a race car using the Android smartphone and the app will search for relevant information based on the image or text provided. The program is powerful enough to even recognize product barcodes, allowing users to find related items and see various prices.

One new update which makes this application a must have for every Android smartphone user is that it now has the ability to recognize text from an image and have it translated into a foreign language. Some of the languages currently supported by the software include English, French, German, Spanish and even Italian. According to a statement made by Google on their blog, they are also in the process of “extending our (the program’s) recognition capabilities” to include other Latin and non-Latin languages including Hindu, Arabic and Chinese.

With latest 1.1 version, Google has also included a crop tool which allows users to focus on one area, making the image recognition and search process more precise, producing more specific results.

Instructions on its use were provided by Avi Flamholz and Alessandro Bisacco on their Google site stating, “Point your phone at a word or phrase. Use the region of interest button to draw a box around specific words. Press the shutter button If Goggles recognizes the text; it will give you the option to translate. Press the translate button to select the source and destination languages.” Sounds simple enough. This should provide users lots of hours of fun and convenient for people constantly on the go.

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