Androids Gingerbread 3.0 sooner than you think

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With the release of Android’s new operating system 2.2 slowly on its way to a device near you the leaks of Androids next update are surely pending. If you’re following along with the delicious saga of Google’s Android operating system, you might know that Google likes to name their OS’s after delicious treats that you would find after you eat your dinner.  The new update is no exception, as the “Gingerbread” will be supposedly showing his face right around the holidays.

So Android OS version 3.0 has been rumored for a Q4 release for quite some time.  The detail of Gingerbread were only speculation, but today however brings us a little more information to perpetuate the rumors and just to let you know this is no joke of an OS. has recently spilled the beans on the forthcoming Android OS, and the details at this point will surely impress. The leak was initially stated by Eldar Murtazin from the Mobile-review website, and was posted within a Russian podcast on Digestiv the pod cast is audio only and the details translate into greatness.

So Androids newest operating system is reportedly set to release sometime in mid October, around the 15th or 16th, and the first devices running the OS will be launched in November or December, just in time for your holiday shopping. The new OS comes with certain “minimums” as well, where new devices running the OS would need to be running at least a 1GHZ processor, be carrying at least 512MB of RAM and the display would need to be at or larger than 3.5 inch’s. For the Android devices using a 4 inch screen or larger, will induce a new resolution of 1280×760, yes that is correct. The user interface of the new Android OS will be completely remodeled and will surely have more specifics of amazing-ness as time goes by. Another important thing that has been stated within this leak is that with Gingerbread or 3.0 Android will essentially be initiating their own internal “caste system”. 3.0 supposedly will be the new “high end” of the Android OS while leaving the smaller or lower end devices to run with 2.1 or 2.2, this makes sense considering the requirements set out by the new Gingerbread.  

So let the fun begin, the new Android OS  3.0 Gingerbread will surely be in the news for awhile until release and we will be sure to keep you posted.

Tell us what you would like to see on Gingerbread, are you anticipating this release or are you still waiting for2.2?

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