Android Gaming On the Go with the MG!

Android is an amazing new operating system that has pretty much taken over the world. Its open source model has allowed dumb phones to become smarter and allow smart phone manufacturers to focus on what they’re good at, manufacturing. Now days, you can see Android being used in refrigerators, in automobile headrest monitors, home phones, an espresso machine, washer and dryers and even microwaves. With the triumphant success of this open source hardware you may wonder why there are not any solid gaming options. Recently the idea piqued the interest of many gamers on Kickstarter with the prospect of the OUYA Android gaming console. What about the portable or handheld market? Where is the Android competition to the millions of hours of gaming that takes place on the iOS based iPod? Is the MG an answer?

The Sony Ericsson recently took a short stab at this sector of the market with their portable Playstation Xperia Play mobile phone. The idea, one of a kind, the execution maybe left a bit more to be desired, but its popularity never really took off. A new company that you and I have never heard of has produced an Android based gaming handheld that does away with that pesky phone business and gets kids and adults alike into the game. The new device goes simply by MG which stands for “More Game”. The handheld portable gamer is seemingly that perfect handset that can keep you or your kids occupied for hours. The device starts with a 4 inch touch screen display that is protected by the likes of Corning’s Gorilla Glass and offers up a 480×800 pixel resolution. It internally packs in an 1800 mAh battery and can provide up to 3.75 hours of continuous game time. While the MG does not pack in a high end camera it does offer up a 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera. Processing power of the MG comes from a named 1 GHz processor and the likes of Android 4.0. While it does not carry the highest end spec’s the MG will surely be able to deliver awesome Google Play games to the finger tips of many. As you can see in design, fit and finish the goal of the MG is to fill the void for a more affordable portable gaming system that parents can easily monitor their kid’s activities and finally get their phones and tablets back. The MG offers a multitude of tools that parents can use to set spending allowances on games and see how much time has been spent per game as well as manage and view downloads. Additional flexibility allows guardians to block certain functions and even be notified when set parameters are broken. Customization for the gamer and their parents is shown off in abundance via this Youtube video and the company’s website at


Anyone interested? I know a few moms and dads that would love to trade one of these to their kid for their phone back. Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. Can this awesome little handheld device compete with the like of the iPod? Are they even in the same class? Let us know what you think below and be sure to check out all the very best in Android accessories today.

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