The Android G-Gradiente iPhone Causes an Apple Stir in Brazil


The iPhone name is synonymous with Apple and the smart phone revolution that has been under way for about the last six or seven years. Apple has been in and out of court protecting the name that they license from Cisco all around the world. Unfortunately for the red delicious company, in certain countries their product protection holds no grounds. Android, the Google made mobile operating system is an open source code which means anyone with given the nod, can use the system on their own devices. Earlier this month however an Android phone that goes by the name of iPhone, popped up out of Brazil and has been on the global radar as we all expected another court room battle initiated by Apple.

The Brazilian company IGB Eletrônica has apparently been selling its G-Gradiente iPhone since 2000. This is a solid seven years before Apple introduced their iPhone model. This is where it gets a bit tricky however. Apple has made strides in the country to trademark the word iPhone so it only relates to Apple and not Gradiente. While this may sound simple, it’s been reported that Apple’s request for the iPhone trademark initiated in 2007 will not pass through the Brazilian Institute for Industrial Property. The rights of the name were awarded to IGB back in 2008 after a long 8 year wait. The rights they have gained however will last through 2018. With this, Apple is basically stuck. There is not enough lawyers in the world that can correct this, however the IGB Eletrônica’s chairman Eugenio Emilio Staub was recently quoted as saying “We’re open to a dialog for anything, anytime.” Forbes.Com goes on to explain that the name iPhone in the country is Apple’s. As most Brazilians equate the name with Apple and not IGB Eletrônica, so is the fight really worth it? The Android in question is also really no competition for the iPhone. It’s a simple mid range handset with a 3.7 inch HVGA touch screen, 2GB of storage and a flash less 5 mega pixel camera. So, Apple, really just leave it alone. Brazilians know who you are and what the iPhone is!

Anyone care to comment? Sound off below and let us know what you think of Apple new Brazilian debacle! And remember we carry a wide assortment of Apple and Android accessories for most all phones, unfortunately not for the G-Gradiente iPhone!  

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