Froyo 2.2 Source Codes Available

Somewhere deep in the heart of Google lays a monster of an operating system, that will only be available to Android phones. Google’s team has been somewhere in this world cooking up the most delectable treats one can find. From cupcakes to Donuts and then on to Éclair’s, now Google will move on to cold and creamy desert Froyo.

Froyo is the 2.2 version of Google’s operating system for the Android lineup. Froyo is set to be one of,  if not the best operating system that has hit mobile phones in well..Forever.  Upon launching the Android operating system, Google and the Open Handset Alliance found out quickly that updates were needed consistently. While Google has publicly stated they will reduce the number of updates to once or twice a year, Android users and even developers can simply not wait any longer for 2.2 or Froyo. 

Well that time is truly near droid lovers as Google has, as of today passed on the source code needed for there compadres in the Open Handset Alliance to install the updated Android operating system to their phones.  The Open Handset Alliance in case you were wondering is an international conglomerate comprised of about 65 different companies. These companies range from service providers, software developers, device manufacturers and the list goes on. The “alliance” or OHA was first established by Google in 2007 and is now a group of companies dedicated in one way or the other to the Android platform.

Hot on the heels of Android and Motorola making new babies (Droid X), the countdown has surely begun as the manufacturers of your Android phone will now have the power to put Froyo in your hands. This is assuming that your phone is not too outdated for their blue collar executives that are in charge.

As of now not much is set in stone about the new Froyo OS, however two features that are sure to happen with the update will be giving the user to store applications on external memeory, and the ability to play Flash files all the way to the bank.

Does the power of Froyo get you excited, or are you now thinking of Pinkberry?

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