Android Facebook update anyone?

Recently in the news, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, stated on a tweet that he may move from his beloved iPhone to an Android powered device. Now I know this isn’t the biggest news in the world, but the assumption from there was that if he picks up an Android then maybe finally Android users will get a much needed update to the Facebook application. Not quite sure what happened with Zuckerberg’s phone choice but it looks like someone got the memo.

via techcrunch

Androids Facebook application generally speaking leaves much to be wanted, and with some users the lack of functionality simply renders the application useless. Last night an update to the Android version of the application was issued. In an attempt to keep up with the ‘jones’ or its iPhone counter part this update is much needed, but still seems to leave a lot to be desired. The updates to the Android Facebook app included are:

“The ability to post a status update or search for friends with just one click”, “A new photo reel that enables easy viewing of photos and videos from friends in your News Feed”, “A draggable Notifications drawer where you can easily see if a friend posted a note on your wall, commented or liked a post or tagged you in a photo.”, “Video playback from the app. Similar to the Facebook for iPhone application, we are using the H.264 baseline profile for encoding videos.”, “Support for Events. You can now review your upcoming events, read your event details, and even RSVP – all from the application.”, “Respond to friend requests without leaving the application”

If you are a Facebooking Android user and have ever compared the application on your Android to an iPhone then you should know that any updates that would compare with the apps platform in iOS is well worth it.

There are still some things for Androids platform that users would like to see updated, but I guess we will have to wait for the next update. Check out version 1.3 of the Android native Facebook app, its available right now in the market place.

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