Developers favor Android’s market for the long run

In a recent survey Appcelerator and IDC have concluded that app developers are looking to the Android market place for longevity. 72% of app developers agree that the Android OS is “best positioned to power a large number and variety of connected devices in the future”. When asked about the “Best Long-Term Outlook” 59% of the developers asked favored Androids OS as opposed to the 39% side with iOS.

If you were not aware the Android OS is growing very rapidly. Devices that run Android’s platform are seemingly taking over the “other” side of the consumer world. Generally speaking, it seems that most phone users at this point are simply using an Android operating device or an iOS device from Apple. Quite staggering all things considered, however recent surveys have let the app developers speak out and it seems that the Android OS will be a better investment in the long run and surely a survey wouldn’t have had to prove this. Common logic will tell you that regardless of Apple’s plan, the whole world will not be using iPhones, leaving a considerable margin of non iOS users and the next best alternative?  Android, of course. The Android OS runs on multiple levels for every level of end user and is surely boasting great numbers from the socially buried tween texters as well as the old folks, who “just need to make calls”. Add in the advent of an Android tablet and the prospect of Google TV, see where I’m going?

Don’t count iOS out just yet – like you could anyway – as a 75% of these developers stated that iOS provides the “Best Revenue Opportunity”. iOS actually takes the positive side to a good grip of these questions.

With more and more Android devices releasing, what seems to be daily it is a sure fire bet that Google’s Android market will become heavily developed and more deeply considered in the future. Only if Google would step in and organize and “protect” the market place, surely then these developers wouldn’t think twice.

Tell us what you think, are developers really seeing the long term potential of the Android market, or are the dollar signs from Apples app store hard to look past?

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