Android Controlled General Motors Car

It is any individual’s dream to be able to have one device to control everything, much like how a universal remote works except with more features. Google is currently teaming up with General Motors to use the Google Android to control their vehicles. Within the small smartphone device, users can control their car from opening the doors, starting the engine, accessing Google Maps and a whole host of features. Now you don’t have to worry about misplacing your keys anymore.

With this collaboration, the Android smartphone has just gotten more functional and indispensible, as if it hasn’t achieved that status yet. Adding a number of other features, the Android smartphone could practically replace almost all of the current devices installed on GM cars from GPS systems to even car docks. If the Android smartphone performs everything the two companies claim it should, then smartphone users would be able to control every aspect of their vehicle, not just starting the engine but even monitor the vehicle’s horsepower, gas consumption and many more.

This collaboration is between GM and Google Android only. However, if the project becomes successful, expect other smartphone and car manufacturers to be teaming up for similar deals. All the smartphone needs now is a few directional controls and it would be truly be like running a remote controlled car. Look Mom, no driver!

Ford and Microsoft Sync are approaching the deal in an entirely different manner. Through the use of the Ford’s built in hardware system, the driver would be able to control their Blackberry or Android device. By pressing controls built on their Ford machine or through voice command, drivers would be able to control the apps installed on their smartphones, making calls, playing music or other files. With all the conveniences being built into both the car and the smartphone, it is now a question of whether human drivers can be trusted in handling several activities at one time without jeopardizing their safety as well as those around them.