Android now the best selling OS in America

A few days ago quarterly earnings on Googles Android OS put the operating system up almost nine hundred percent from its previous quarter. This is a staggering number and was almost expected. However, news today brings the little green Android to the head of the pack entirely.

According to NPD’s findings about Q2 of this year, it seems that Googles Android OS has taken the sales lead within the states. NPD is a market research group founded in 1967 and has been crunching numbers like this for quite some time. But the numbers they have uncovered in regard to the second quarter of 2010 puts Googles Android OS at the top of the ranks when it comes to sales on American soil. NPD has concluded that 33% precent of phones sold within the second quarter were running the little green Android OS. Since about 2007 this category has been dominated by RIM. While taking out such an industry leader in sales is of epic proportions, this was surely expected for numerous reasons. The report goes on to state that Blackberrys made up around 28% of the sales for the quarter, while Apple a little behind claimed 22%. Keep in mind however Q2 ended before the legendary iPhone 4 released. So Q3 could be a little different. Reasons as to why you ask? Simply put, the law of averages is in effect. Apples iOS is made by one company, there devices are manufactured by one company and their plans or wireless service can only be found under one company. Blackberry’s… well without getting into it too deep, if you have been keeping up with RIM’s, “hole” digging you may understand why they have dropped a notch. Androids operating system however can be found on pretty much any carrier, it is being installed on what seems like every manufacturer and is openly developed by all involved.

The key ingredient to Androids success is pointed out by NPDs report, stating the culprits behind the success are indeed HTC and Motorola. So the numbers are in and the flaming has surely begun. But the real question is how these numbers will differ at the end of Q3 when the iPhone 4 stats rear their ugly head.

Will Androids OS keep its spot on the most sold OS in America?

Or will the numbers of units sold on the iPhone 4 put that too rest?

Let us know what you think of this race to dominance.

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