Archos Set to Hit Stores by June

With all the noise and publicity surrounding Apple’s iPad, the public is keeping an eye on what the competition is bring to the table, and when. The Google Android Tablet, which made its presentation debut with the Web 2.0 Conference playing seamless Flash, is not due for release until sometime during the end of this year. Other possible competition in the portable tablet field includes Samsung and Dell. Their release dates have not been confirmed but may also take several months more before they hit the shelves. One tablet attempting to break into Apple’s share of the tablet pie is the Archos.

The Archos Home Tablet is trying to get some attention into its own product. Produced by the company with the same name, they have released a similar device with a 5 inch screen which resembles an electronic picture frame. Coming out this June, the Archos Home Tablet has a more tablet feel. It is nowhere near as good as the iPad but may take a slice of the market with consumers looking for a simpler, more affordable table. The Archos 7 will debut this June with a price of $199.99. With just the price in mind, it is a steal compared to iPad’s $499. But before anybody jumps the Archos bandwagon prematurely, consider the specs you are paying for.

The Archos is enticingly cheap but for good reason. It is a tablet which runs with a 600 Mhz ARM 9 processor, not a 1 Ghz as consumers would at least expect. The device runs on a rather outdated Android 1.6. Considering even smartphones run on Android 2.1, this device is looking more like a surplus item rather than a serious competitor to the iPad. Another possible deal breaker is that users can only purchase apps from the company’s store and not the Android Market. The Archos Home Tablet may not be pleasing to look at even on paper but may be a cheaper, low-end alternative to the iPad and other future tablets.