20% of Android Apps could be Spyware?

Ok so I’m a little late on this one but I figured that I can bring this to the attention of any other Android users that might have missed it. Androids have apps, just as Apple has apps. Apple has about 200k Android has around 48k. Pretty big difference in numbers there, but there is one thing about these apps that really makes the difference, the approval process.

If you are unaware Apple sets out amazingly secretive and strict guidelines for approval of applications. Applications being submitted under Apples guidelines are surely put through a process that in some cases takes days or even weeks for approval. Now looking at the Android Market that was set up by Google and the Open Handset Alliance it is left up to the users, meaning you and me to approve what is appropriate and or safe for download to your phone. The opposite of this is essentially the formal screening process developers go through with companies like Apple, but is Apples approach safer? Well yes it surely would be however people like to make their own decisions and that is the idea behind the Android Market.

With this in mind Smobilesystems.com did a downright detailed review of the Android market and has laid claims that at least 20% of the Android Market apps could indeed be housing some form of Spyware. If you have ever downloaded an application to your Android phone you should know that a very large screen appears and shows you what the application is attempting to do with your phone. You then have the ability to verify that the app can be granted these permissions. If granted the right permissions, the app can indeed make phone calls, send text’s and gather pretty much any private information that would be found on your phone.  Essentially this is the risk, where some Android users could be downloading apps that give it the ability to access your personal data and send it, well where ever it wants.

So maybe the crazy Apple verification process for apps doesn’t sound to crazy after all.

Are you an Android user that has installed a spy ware loaded app, tell us about your experience.

And as always guys, download with caution.

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